Hunter: Master of Arrows APK

Have you ever dreamed of being a ranger in a medieval fantasy world?

Version2.0.332 (200332)
UpdatedJun 26, 2020 (1 week ago)
DeveloperWhaleApp LTD
CategoryGames, Arcade

Fight your way through epic action RPG! Turn into brave hunter fighting hordes of enemies with Hunter: Master of Arrows! Start your adventure journey from a rookie archer to an experienced killer of the dungeon monsters. Get used to changing the battle strategy every time you enter the new battlefield. Upgrade skills and weapons to keep your archer alive. Destroy all the threats that come across the path of your arrow! Download Hunter: Master of Arrows, one of the incredible RPG action and adventure games of the month now!
Enjoy the addictive gameplay

Choose the starting skills, enter the battlefield, and attack the enemies with arrows, axes, bows, boomerangs, or daggers. Use the joystick to move. The controls are simple, and the archer’s targeting system is intuitive. Enjoy this stick war and adventure game on the go! Explore locations, dodge attacks, and shoot when you’re safe. Each time you level up, Hunter gains more skills for the current run. Stack them up, creating ingenious game strategies. Clear the battlefield, open the portal to the next level, and get all the loot dropped by the defeated monsters. Your RPG adventure experience will never be better!

Explore unique locations

Complete chapters that become more challenging as you progress. Magical Forest is full of evil monsters lurking in the shadows. Lost Tomb is filled with dangerous traps and blood-thirsty demons. Mystic Tomb is protected by restless ghosts. Ghost Ship floats through an endless ocean of storms. Each adventure is filled with new enemies, bosses, strategies, and blitz attack patterns to learn. Just pull the trigger! With each new update, we add new locations and levels. Stay tuned!

Upgrade weapons

Do you think you can destroy the evil army with a bow and arrow? Put your hunter hero in the right place so that your arrow reaches the target. Line up the perfect kill shot! To destroy bosses, choose more powerful weapons: axes, bows, boomerangs, or daggers. They differ in attack speed, damage level, and special properties. Combine various items of equipment to upgrade the abilities of your killer of monsters from common, rare, epic, legendary to mythical! Fuse weapons, armors, totems, and elementals to increase the rarity of your items.

Polish your talents

Whether you're looking for intense dungeon action or casual fun adventure game, you'll find it all in Hunter: Master of Arrows! Never-ending waves of cruel monsters never give up! Gain new abilities while fighting through the levels. Add more damage to attacks and increase the survival chances in the battle to become invincible! Create epic weapons and craft unique shields to defeat your opponents! Master the art of blitz war and destroy the bosses in our RPG games!

Join the clans

Want to share epic moments with your friends? Create or join the clan! Raise your rank from the Warrior, Commander, Elder, Leader to the Clan Leader. Defeat enemies, beat dungeon bosses, loot gold, and upgrade your archer knights together!


▶ Uniquely designed levels
▶ Variety of weapons
▶ Upgrade skills to destroy all epic enemies
▶ Fuze weapons and craft materials to increase your stats
▶ Try blitz tactics to achieve incredible results
▶ Improve your hero's stats
▶ Explore many locations with unique monsters
▶ Spin the Wheel of Fortune to win bonuses
▶ Join the clan of fellow players and invite friends
▶ Simple controls: conquer the dungeon world with one finger

Start the epic battle
The medieval fantasy world needs a brave hero! Join the epic action and kill evil monsters in the new adventure game Hunter: Master of Arrows! Control the archer on an RPG quest to destroy all the bosses with different combinations of skills. Hunter: Master of Arrows provides you with one-button controls and nonstop fighting experience. Collect and utilize powerful weapons, armor, and equipment to boost your warrior’s might. Become the greatest archery master in this ultimate bow and arrow defense game!

Email: support.hunter@whaleapp.com

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