Perfect wedding dress up for icy princess and her friends


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Oct 17, 2023
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Icy Wedding - Winter dress up GAME

Wedding is the most important step in the girls life. The is the core requirement to make family and live happy life. Wedding dress up game requires highest attention to the details. Everything should be tip top. Icy wedding bride looks perfect. Just look at her lean back of these girls, they are fit, slender, with icy color hair and frozen blouses. All icy items are shining on the sunlight. Frozen shoes look like a glass, skirts like frozen waterfalls, and all in white colors look like winter fairy tails. So help this frozen ladies to be perfect ice fiancees.

Another girl is fiancee’s friend. They both should looks perfect but not similar. Their wedding dressup should fit each other, this is common thing on any wedding ceremony, so be creative but follow the rule of similar style and strategy. There are many varieties of shoes and dress here. It will help you to make the right choice and make wedding dress coloring. The icy style is easy to follow: more white colors like snow, more shiny cloths like an ice and you are in the frozen fairy tail.

The lonely guest who came to this icy wedding ceremony needs the dressup either. Select the best what you can for her so she can get the chance to find her future husband in future, and hopefully to catch the bride's bouquet, which is the proper sign for any single girl that the love is somewhere around. Find her dress for success.

This wedding dress up game is completely free you can play all day long, once downloaded no internet is required and available offline. You can select 4 sets of dress up here: the wedding couple, fiance with the lady friend, only fiance and the lady guest.
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