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4 Nov 2021

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APP Parking APP

App Parking has been chosen as the Best Parking-app by the Dutch Consumers Association.

New users receive €10 parking money for free with promocode: parkeerbonus

Parking with your phone is being done with App Parking. App Parking is
part of SMSParking. App Parking uses GPS and works through the
internet connection of your Android device.

Why App Parking?
With App Parking there is no chance of receiving a parking ticket, you
never pay too much for parking and there is no need to walk to the
parking machine.

How does App Parking work?
Open the app, check the zone code and vehicle registration number and
start the parking action. When you are back you simply stop the
parking action and you are done. It is also possible to set a parking
time beforehand, but there is always the possibility to either
lengthen the parking action or stop it earlier.

Functionalities of the app
- Determine the zone code by GPS
- Start and stop the parking with your phone
- Flexible parking, only pay for your actual parking time
- Unlimited and free adding of vehicle registration numbers
- Park multiple cars simultaneously
- Add labels to your parking action
- Receive notifications of active parking actions through mail/app/sms

Mail to or call us on 020 516 01 39 (local rates).

1. The app itself is free but to use it you need an account at
SMSParking. Do you not have an account yet? Go to
for more information. Registration costs €5,00 one time only.
2. No rights can be derived from use of GPS by the app to determine
the zone code. You are always responsible to correctly specify the
zone code. The zone code App Parking selects is just a suggestion
based on the GPS location given by your Android device, so always
check whether the zone code is correct!
3. No rights can be derived from the notifications sent by the app.
You are always responsible to be aware of an active parking action and
stop the parking action in time, the notification is just a reminder.
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