Big Font - Mengubah Font Size APK

Big Font - Mengubah Font Size


Big Font - Mengubah Font ukuran font sistem Ukuran memperbesar hingga 240%


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24 Mei 2022
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Big font - Adjust the font size quickly and conveniently
💔💔💔 Does the default system font look too small and hard to see clearly? Or maybe you have eyes issues and you want enlarge font size, you need bigger font, larger font for your phone display screen.

👉👉👉 Don't worry, this is the perfect solution for you with ONLY 1 TOUCH and you can totally change the text size?

""Big Font - Change Font Size"" is a free application developed for helping all people to read text more easily and quickly in all android devices.

This app allows you to adjust font size from 100% to 240% (2.4 times bigger) on your cellphones/tablets.

*** Improve your mobile User experience! ***


🍀 Totally FREE
🍀 Very Simple interface
🍀 Easy to Understand Preview Font Size Before Apllying
🍀 Allows you to enlarge font size from 100% to 240%
🍀 Preview exact percentage increased Before Apllying
🍀 Restores default font size with only 1 touch
🍀 Big font - Perfect app choice for the elderly and those who have difficulties in reading small text and the people who want to have larger font size for them or their relatives.


🍀 Open ""Big Font - Change Font Size""
🍀 Look through preview text size for selection
🍀 Choose the font size by touching the button ""Aplly""
🍀 Touch button ""Yes"" to apply this change
🍀 Now you have found the suitable font size, close the app
🍀 Lastly, RESTART YOUR DEVICE and Enjoy larger font!

Change Font Size quickly and easily now. Let's Adjust Font Size and improve your mobile user experience.

If you are interested in helping us to widespread this app to help old people or the people who have eyes issue to have better mobile using experience, you can rate 5 stars for this app and share to your friends. Thank you!
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