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11 Jan 2024
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Bomb It or also widely known as BOMBitUP is a fun and entertaining lifestyle application developed by RomReviewer for android users. Its main purpose is to help you prank your family or friends by sending unlimited text messages. For instance, a fake but still believable enough OTP or verification spam messages. It is completely free to use however, do take note that this can be utilized for fun prank purposes only, not for revenge.

Do more than tricking

What's interesting about this SMS bomber app is it contains a lot of APIs that are, in fact, more than the actual capability of other utility tools of the same kind. As a result, it could send more bulk messages to your intended receiver. Not only that, this application works in most countries thus, you can send messages across the world. You can even alter your spending speed.

The higher the number you select, the faster it gets sent. On a more serious note, Bomb It can also be used for more productive purposes such as SMS Marketing. For the record, it is one of the most effective ways to promote a business especially if you are new in the market with a limited budget. At a much lower cost compared to TV endorsement, printing advertisement, etc.

You can already reach a big audience—statistically speaking, there over 5 billion SMS service-subscribers. Furthermore, it is considered to be the most direct way to reach your customers. You will be able to send bulk messages to your target audiences, all at the same time. It allows you to save time as well as get impressive results in the shortest time possible.

Best SMS bomber

Apart from tricking people for fun, Bomb It can also be utilized in a more productive way such as being a tool to promote your new or small business. The various powerful APIs that it has enables you to send bulk messages across the world at any speed rate you want. Prank your family and friends or do SMS marketing, either of these, you'll find this application extremely useful.

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