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28 Jun 2017

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Edge Screen for Galaxy S8 APP

If you are a loyal fan of samsung you certainly can not ignore the Galaxy S8 Edge. A high-end flagship, the latest Edge Screen, People Edge new product that galaxy launches. A perfect device for the design, configuration and software that it brings.
Edge Screen, Edge Panel is a feature that impresses Galaxy S8 Edge is Edge Screen, Edge Panel with App Edge Screen and People Edge Screen. You will have the opportunity to use this exciting feature on your phone. Satisfy your passion for not being able to afford the Galaxy S8. You will have a S8 Edge Launcher of Galaxy S8 Edge in your hands at no cost. Just hit download Edge Screen for Galaxy S8 and experience.

Edge Screen for Galaxy S8 Edge Launcher gives you something
► Edge Launcher looks exactly like the Edge Screen app on Galaxy S8 Edge
► Contact Edge – People Edge, you can add a favorite contact to the People Edge Screen
► My Apps – Apps Edge, you can add a favorite application to the App Edge Screen
► Adjust the size, opacity and side position to Edge Screen Handle
► Turn on/off very easy and fast
► Add your favorite contacts and favorite app: you can add your favorite contacts and your favorite apps to Edge Panel.
► Quick Messaging, Quick Contact and Quick Call Phone Dialer: With just a swipe you can call, message to a friend in the people edge. Swipe again to launch your favorite applications in the app edge.
► The best thing that it gives you is the Handle Edge Screen. With just one swipe from left to right or right to left on Edge Screen. The Edge Panel will display with App Edge and People Edge. You can access the application edge quickly, call, text messages to your favorite contacts edge in just 1s everytime everywhere
► Personalized Edge Color: You can customize Edge Color to Apps Edge and People Edge.
► Anytime, anywhere: Use anytime, anywhere on any screen, You only need swipe the edge screen to use.
And finally it's free

The way you use Edge Screen for Galaxy S8
►It is very simple, I do not need to show you how to use it because it is very simple and convenient. The most complicated is the application installation step. Click the Install button to get the Edge Screen Galaxy S8 Edge Launcher right on your phone. Congratulations, now your phone has turned into a galaxy s8 edge Launcher.
► Enable Edge Screen, Edge Panel to use 
► Access People Edge to add your favorite contacts edge
► Access Application Edge to add your favorite apps edge
► From the home screen or the lock screen or every where, swipe from either edge of the display to show Edge Screen,
► From Edge Panel click add to add new People Edge
► From Edge Panel click add to add new Favorite App
► Select color to People edge and App Edge
► Click a contact in People edge to quick dialer or quick messaging to call and send messenger contact edge
► From Edge Panle click add to add new to favorite apps edge
► Click a application to quick start your app
► Swipe again to see the Edge Panel with favorite edge application
► Use and experience Edge Screen S8, Edge Panel S8

If you are wondering about whether to install Edge Screen fo Galaxy S8 Edge or not. I can assure you this is the best app you can find for Galaxy S8 Edge. Nice interface, silky smooth effect, no resource wastage and it's free for you. Owning a Galaxy S8 Edge at no cost is fantastic
Please leave a rating after use so that we develop this application better. Thank you for using
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