Minesweeper Classic (Mines) APK

Minesweeper Classic (Mines)


Unduh Minesweeper Classic (Mines) APK untuk Android - Gratis - Versi Terbaru


Versi Terbaru

Versi1.29 (67)
Diupdate05 Jun 2018
DeveloperSmart Riddles
KategoriGame, Teka-teki

Game Minesweeper Classic (Mines)

Minesweeper permainan klasik untuk Android

Classic Minesweeper game for your Android (also known as Mines). Exercise your strategic and logical thinking while having fun along the way! The goal is to uncover all cells that are not containing mines.

TIP: Use volume buttons to toggle mode Open cell/Put flag

Main features:
• Online highscores
• Large scrollable and zoomable game area
• Nice, clean and easy to use interface

Paid version is also available. See Minesweeper Professional. Advantages:
• No ads!
• Board Difficulty Control (3BV)
• Countdown timer
• Zoom tuning

German translation by CaBi Translation

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