Paleontologas - aplikasi seluler luar biasa yang didedikasikan untuk paleontologi!


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4 Agt 2021
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Aplikasi Paleontologas

This application is dedicated to people willing to discover the surrounding world and the Earth's history. Application author is a biology and computer science student from Lithuania.

* 15 geological periods with detailed information about the most important events, interactive paleomaps, images and life form information.
* 128 plants and animals with brief descriptions and facts.
* Simple, but actual information dedicated to both ordinary persons and university students.
* Quiz with 325 questions which will help to strengthen your knowledge!
* Learning progress meters near the each geological period and eon, 0-100%.
* Ability to zoom pictures by moving fingers down or pinching with them.
* Application does not need internet connection!

Application can be freely used for the teaching purposes. It will be forever free and ad less!
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