The world is like an ocean current of different origins.


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24 Mar 2024
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Supreme Warrior GAME

The world is like an ocean current of different origins.
Heroes are the dazzling sands of these currents.
One day, the currents converge and a maelstrom grows.
Sands are gathered in a strange sea, a new world
Will they fade and fall in this new world?
Or will they continue to shine and write a new legend together.
Welcome to Ultra Warriors, an idle card game filled with strategy and challenge! This world is full of dimensional chaos, you will be shaped into a heroic card master, through reasonable arrangement and matching, to defeat the powerful opponents, and become the real king of chaos!

Diversified gameplay, smooth challenge
Starter event can help you levelup quickly, training trials help you realize the variety of combinations, infinite battle offers endless challenges, and there are massive gifts to boost your progress!

Zenith Battle Arena
The game utilizes brand new cross-server matchmaking system, and deeply portrays the world background event, like qualifiers and elimination matches. So that players can experience the thrill of fighting in arena with multi-team mode. Use wisdom and strength together to defeat your opponents.

Card Collecting and Limit Breaker
The game offers tons of cards for players to collect, each card has a unique effect ability and saffinity bonus. Players can obtain a variety of different cards to unlock the powerful bonus to boost attributes. In addition, exclusive artifacts can be upgraded to make the corresponding cards breakthrough their original quality and reach a higher level of combat power!

Exquisite character designs and community
Amazing characters plus unique scenarios. Enjoy a different adventure journey, making exploration no longer boring. The game also supports multiplayer online competitions and cooperative missions, where players can team up to challenge powerful enemies and win rich rewards.
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