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4 Nov 2022
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ViMusic is an app that lets you play songs from YouTube Music without any limitations. To search for songs, tap on the search section. After that, the song you want to listen to will appear. You can search for songs, artists, video clips, or even entire playlists.

ViMusic includes playback in the background, so you can listen to songs even when the app is minimized, including when you're using other apps or have the screen turned off. The songs you listen to are stored in the cache, so you can play them later on, even if you're offline.

All the songs in your listening list can be rearranged as you wish, or you can choose to shuffle them. You'll also find other features, such as song lyrics display, skipping silences in the tracks, using a dark or light theme, setting a timer to stop playback after a certain amount of time has elapsed, and the option to play YouTube links directly on the app itself. For example, you can listen to any YouTube link in the background, which is ideal for podcasts.

So if you're looking for a music player that works with YouTube Music, downloading the ViMusic APK is a sure bet.
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