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NomeBanners App APK
Versione2.3.0 (84)
Aggiornata11 dic 2019
SviluppatoreGTM - Global Tech Makers
CategoriaApps, Lifestyle

App Banners App

Banners App: guadagna facendo pubblicità agli annunci quando sblocchi lo smartphone.

Banners App is a unique platform for earning by viewing advertisements. The platform was designed specifically for smartphone users. With the help of Banners App, users can earn by viewing advertisements relevant to their interests, manage ad frequency, share the referral link and receive bonuses from partners in the structure. Also, the user can adjust ad frequency.

What do we offer?
• Personalized banner ads;
• Views and earnings statistics per day/week;
• Banner ad frequency management;
• Possibility to go to advertiser's site and purchase goods;
• Earnings on referral links;
• Bonuses for viewing ads by partners of your structure;
• Payouts in cryptocurrency;
• User-friendly, intuitive interface.

Banners App makes it easy to earn by viewing banner ads.

Platforms: Android, Web.
Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, German, Chinese, Korean.
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