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Isaac Repentance Item Recognizer


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NomeIsaac Item Recognizer APK
Versione1.06 (7)
Aggiornata11 giu 2021
CategoriaApps, Libri e consultazione

App Isaac Repentance Item Recognizer

Recognize items in Binding Of Isaac: Repentance automatically via camera and ML

This app allows you to automatically detect Items in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance game by just pointing your camera at the item. When you point the camera to the item app utilizes Machine Learning to detect the item and show a short guide + link to the detailed guide.

- Automatically recognize items in the Binding Of Isaac: Repentance by pointing camera at it (It also may work for Rebirth or Afterbirth, but descriptions might be wrong)
- View short item description
- Open wiki for full description and synergies.
- Donate me within the app to ensure and support future development
- Better recognition of grey/blue items, items on weird backgrounds (i.e. spikes)
- Trinket support - toggle trinket mode to recognize trinkets
- Platinumgod link - open description on platinumgod website if you prefer it
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