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NomeUnHack APK
Versione1.0.9 (28465)
Aggiornata02 ott 2015
CategoriaApps, Strumenti

App UnHack

UnHack gives you complete control of your phone.

In today’s day and age where your cell phone has become an extension of your own self and no more "just another gadget", sadly, it still remains a black box for over 99% users who, today, use it as a lifeline for both work and personal purposes.

UnHack answers a very basic question of giving you complete control of your phone.

It does so simply by reversing the permission base that the applications take on your cell phone.In simpler words, it can show you which apps are accessing your SMS, call logs, camera, pictures among others.

All this control with just 2 clicks, is what we guarantee you.
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