3DMap. Constructor APK

3DMap. Constructor

version 7.771

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名前3DMap. Constructor APK
バージョンversion 7.771 (7771)
開発元3D portable inc.
カテゴリーアプリ, アート&デザイン

更新日 - 新機能

- mechanism get Weapon from map and NPC (beta)
- system creating dynamic scene shaders increase FPS for developing map. (beta)
- added fog effect, target editing function for the actor.
- mechanics can now be launched with a shot (beta), the control node can now show and hide the player's buttons, several other nodes have also been added.
- added the function for the object to make a sound
- episode modeling module, to create dialogues with characters and other game situations

3DMap. Constructor アプリ

ゲームの場所の開発とテスト。 3Dマップ

3DMap is a program for phones and tablets used for developing and testing game locations.

Create a map, arrange enemies, adjust collision physics and you can check it out.

- In game mode, you can walk around the world you created, add weapons to the hero's hands and shoot at enemies, walk, jump, run and shoot, collect items, open doors, teleport and much more.

- Allows you to create and edit simple 3D objects, load third-party OBJ files and apply PNG textures with transparency.

Export the finished world in OBJ format with normal and texture coordinates for further processing or 3D printing.