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While internet ads can be really annoying, blocking them can be simple and easy -with the right tools. With the app AdLock for Android, you can securely surf the web and block ads, without any effort on your part. Just install the app and let it got to work!

For AdLock for Android to run correctly, you'll have to enable its features (by sliding a circle to the right, as shown on the app's home screen) as well as allow the necessary app permissions the first time you open the app. After that, the app will automatically scan for and block potential security risks before they cause a problem. No matter what web browser or app you use to access the internet, AdLock for Android keeps your device secure.

Enable the app, and you'll notice the difference from the moment you open your web browser, but you can also view the total number of blocked security risks and advertisements from the app's main menu. As well as blocking ads and protecting your security, this app will also warn you if you attempt to access a dangerous website or other security risk. Not only that, but AdLock for Android actually saves data by blocking unwanted content from loading, helping your mobile data plan last longer.

Along with all those features, this keeps a list of websites that it has blocked content from, whether it was simple ad or a serious security risk, allowing you to check for hazardous websites and avoid them in the future. Overall, AdLock for Android is a great ad blocker and security tool. It quietly runs in the background, and blocks unwanted advertisement and security risks without even being noticed.