Ben, Gwen, Kevin are fighting a group of Forever Knights in a catacomb in Rome.




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Ben Cosmic Destruction Alien Ultimate GAME

Heroes tries to transform to help Gwen and Kevin fight the Forever Knights, but Jimmy Jones keeps trying to call Heroes about something.
Eventually, Heroes gets separated from Gwen and Kevin, and begins trying to find his way out of the catacombs.
Heroes runs into Vulkanus and his pick-axe minions, who seem to be searching for something.
After defeating the pick-ax minions as Ultimate Humungousaur and defeating Vulkanus,
Heroes continues trying to get out of the catacombs, and eventually runs into his old foe, Enoch, who has become empowered by an alien artifact.
After defeating Enoch, Heroes takes the artifact away from Enoch and the result is Enoch transformed into a stone statue,
then Heroes throws the artifact on the ground. Heroes is then picked up by Gwen and Kevin, and when Jimmy calls him again,
Jimmy tells Heroes about a cosmic storm advancing towards Earth.
Heroes calls some Plumber ships and tells them to get to the cosmic storm and investigate it.
The Plumber ships approach the cosmic storm, but a powerful blast destroys them.
Meanwhile, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin see Null Void creatures attacking France.
The group goes to France to stop them. At a Forever Knight museum, Heroes finds the Vreedle Brothers who are trying to steal an alien artifact.
After defeating them, Sunder arrives and steals the artifact.
Heroes then chases Sunder for the artifact, stopping to watch a Will Harangue broadcast where Harangue is showing battle footage of Heroes in Italy and France from an anonymous source.
After Sunder tries to kill Heroes in a burning building, Ben Cosmic Destruction Alien Ultimate chases Sunder to the Eiffel Tower,
Sunder is frustrated at Heroes that he has once again gotten in his way, where he saves some people from Sunder's attacks,
and defeats Sunder using Ultimate Swampfire, gets the piece, and escapes as the flaming Eiffel Tower collapses.
Inside the Rust Bucket 3, Azmuth arrives and explains that a hostile To'kustar is coming to Earth to destroy Heroes,
he informs him that an ancient Galvan weapon is hidden on earth in pieces, called the Potis Altiare.
If combined with the Ultimatrix it could give Heroes the power to defeat the evil To'kustar.
Much to his shock he discovers that Heroes already has a piece of the Potis Altiare, the artifact Sunder and the others were after.
They also realize that the artifact Enoch was using was also a Potis Altiare piece,
but reasoning that Heroes already defeated all the bad guys in that area they focus on finding more pieces.
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