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名前SG Smart APK
バージョン2.18.124 (124)
開発元SG Armaturen AS
カテゴリーアプリ, 仕事効率化

SG Smart アプリ

SGスマート - 指先でSGデバイスのスマートな照明制御!

SG Smart is a comfortable and easy way to control Bluetooth enabled SG LEDDim Smart Devices. This intuitive APP makes your lighting environment Smart and fully programmable in e.g. Dimming level and Timing. Simple shortcuts will also move your programmed lighting devices to scenes and modes, so to welcome you home at a safe lighting level in the house, to wake you up with comfortable light in the morning or to shut down the whole lighting when you go away or enter the night mode.

Control your light with just one touch
The APP has various functions which allow you to control each lighting device individually or in Groups. Rename each room or Group as per your wish and illustrate it with fancy icons! Several scenes can easily be created for each Group to suit different atmospheres required over the day. After a quick pairing process of the devices and an intuitive programming of the Groups, a one touch command will transform your ambient light into the scene you have created. The scheduler function will lend you a hand to turn ON/OFF or adjust your dimming level at the pre-set time frame, and this even when you are not at home!

Hassles free with LOCATION feature
If you are having SG Smart Devices in e.g. both your home and your office, only one account is necessary to run both locations; the APP offers to switch from one location to another one with a simple fingertip! Any of these locations and their programmed settings can be shared to other accounts (family members, working colleagues, etc.), with the option to give them admin rights or being users only. Changes made on your own Smart Phone will then automatically update other account devices thanks to the cloud service.