Spider-Man Ultimate Power is a shoot'em up platformer for Android in which we have to help Spider-Man to defeat all his enemies from the city's heights




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Spider-Man Ultimate Power GAME

Marvel's superheroes are a part of a money-making machine, whether individually or all together. Amongst the most iconic characters, we have to mention Spider-Man who has featured, as well as in comics, in cartoon series, different movies, and obviously also in video games.

A great platform game based on Spider-Man

In Spider-Man Ultimate Power we'll find a great shoot'em up platformer developed by Gameloft in which we'll control Spider-Man across the city's heights. We'll jump from roof to roof, using our spiderweb whenever necessary, to be able to wipe out all the enemies we come across.

We'll have to complete each level by fulfilling our different goals and making use of the power-ups we can pick up on our way. We'll have to be careful with the different dangers we come across: rivals, traps, falls...

It's really worthwhile downloading this game: the controls are simple, the graphics are great and the pace is really fast, which makes it a rather decent platform game for Android.