Take a katana in your ninja hands to fight foes! Stylish ninja stickman game



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Sword Play GAME

Sharpen your blade, sword master! Dive into the world of action games where every slice is a masterpiece of power and precision. Sword Play is not just a game; it’s a duel of fate and glory set against a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and mysterious enemies.

Welcome to Sword Play! - a marriage of cutting games and action games, a universe where each slash is a testament to the skills of the kunai master. With no need for internet, relish in the challenges of games with no wifi and embark on an epic ninja journey that knows no bounds!

Dash through numerous challenging levels, a perfect mix of slicing games and fighting games, where every enemy defeated is another step closer to becoming the ultimate slice master. With no wifi games feature, the adventure never stops; it only becomes more intense.

Feel the thrill of the sword fight, where ninja slice maneuvers and swift katana strikes rule the battlefield. Face hordes of assassins, ragdoll ninja warriors, and master the arts of ninja game strategies amidst the heat of the battle.


In the realm of sword games and samurai games, you’re not just a warrior; you are a ninja, a stealth master navigating through waves of enemies, from formidable samurai jack figures to fearsome samurai shodown warriors. Be the slicer that legends speak of, a true knife game and knife games maestro.


The blade forge 3d awaits, where epic swords are not just weapons but legendary artifacts of power. Knock em all down with the Lusting Katana or the Sabre of Darkness. In this captivating sword game, every sword fight is a dance of death and destiny.


Outsmart and outmaneuver every enemy with an array of perks and abilities that turn every ninja slice moment into a masterpiece of slicing game and slicing games artistry. Be the whip master, the ultimate sword master where every strike, every slash is a testament to the pinnacle of ninja game mastery.


- Intuitive slicing gameplay
- A myriad of challenging levels
- An epic ninja adventure
- Action-packed samurai missions
- Waves of ninja assassins
- A true offline games experience

For fans of ninja games and throwing knife games like Stealth Master, Draw Saber, and Sword Hunter, stepping into the world of Sword Play is stepping into a universe where sword games and action games are redefined.

With sword master prowess and ninja agility, every ragdoll ninja enemy and every samurai shodown warrior will know your name. The fate of the shadowy realms rests in your hands, slice master. Download now, and let the ultimate ninja game odyssey begin!