VectornatorAssistant is a professional graphic design app for Mac PC and Phone.



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Vectornator Assistant App APP

Vectornator Assistant App is an Guide for all in one vector graphic design powerhouse for your Mac and phone.

It combines all the vector tools, advanced features, and functions that you need with an intuitive user interface and a high-performance making Vectornator the home for all of your graphic design work. From Branding, Illustrations, Interfaces, websites, typography to anything you can imagine.

Vectornator does not look or feel like any graphic design tool you have ever used.

Some feature highlights:

• Create detailed vectors using our Pen, Node, Brush, and Shape tools.

• Easily Align, Group, Mask, Order, Scale, Rotate, or Duplicate your objects.

• Use Advanced Vector operations such as Corner radius, Boolean, combining, separating, outlining paths, and more.

• Typography tool with full control over line height, kerning, tracking, font import, ability to outline text, and placing it on a path.

• Automatically turn bitmap images into vectors with Auto Trace.

• Work with different Artboards in a single document for an optimal UI and Web design experience.

• Add any of our 80K icons from the Iconator library to your designs.

• Color Picker with support for Gradients, Palettes, Hex input, HSB, RGB, Color blending, and Wide color gamut.

Drawing & Painting
-Various pens/brushes to comfortably draw comics & manga, illustrations, and sketches
-Natural, realistic pen strokes for drawing
-Vector formats to draw comics that can be scaled without losing quality
-Fully posable 3D drawing figures to study composition and sketching
-A vast array of rulers for accurate drawing and sketching
-Neat, smooth color filling tools for comfortable painting and drawing

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