Android 向けの WearFit2.0 APK をダウンロードします - 無料 - 最終のバージョン



名前WearFit2.0 APK
バージョン3.04.28 (10045)
カテゴリーアプリ, 健康&フィットネス

WearFit2.0 アプリ

WearFit2.0は、ユーザー\ 'sの健康データを監視することができます。

Mental health, heart rate, blood pressure measurement, blood tests, statistical exercise step, sleep time, physical situation palm in hand, at any time to monitor your health.

Intelligent alarm clock
Set the alarm clock for the WearFit2.0 bracelet, remind you to get up through the brakes and no longer disturb the people around you.

incoming call
Set the call reminder for the WearFit2.0 bracelet, the phone rings automatically when the phone calls, the phone will not miss the call in the bag.

Support for "Health" applications
Can be heart rate, blood pressure, synchronized to the "Health" applications, so that you more comprehensive understanding of health.

** This version supports Apple Gear Fit healthy application **
** WEARFIT2.0 only support a higher level of equipment, if remind the device can't connect, you can go to the app store download and use WEARFIT **