Collect exotic jungle animals! Adopt & take care of cute baby pets!


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Jan 11, 2023

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Jungle Floof - Island Pet Care GAME

Welcome to the jungle! Adopt, collect, grow a cute jungle pet collection and take care of exotic baby animals - cats, bears, giraffes, alpacas and more cute pets are here visiting the jungle! Decorate their house, create the perfect home for your virtual animals, collect them all and play fun games!

Take a look at the magical waterfall and explore the jungle swarming with cute pets. Have fun building adorable houses for your pets and decorate to make it beautiful for you and your virtual animals! Transform the jungle into a cute home for your pets, collect, take care of them, play and have fun!

Adopt, collect and take care of cute exotic jungle animals! Bring cute exotic cats, bears and horses home, see your adorable pets grow and take care of them! Feed them, bathe them, and put pets to bed, it's so much fun!

Play fun and cute mini-games and don't forget to collect your rewards! Run, jump, and look for objects! It's going to be so much fun seeing your cute pets win and build on exciting skills needed to win the games!

Ready to adopt and take care of cute jungle pets you collect, have fun and play cool mini-games for kids?
Download and have fun with your cute virtual pet family in this adorable jungle pet care game!

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