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NameKids in the Kitchen - Cooking Recipes APK
Version1.28 (29)
UpdatedNov 02, 2021
Developerkids GamesOn
CategoryGames, Casual

Kids in the Kitchen - Cooking Game

There are a lot of recipes that you would make . Free cooking games

Kids in the Kitchen - Cooking Recipes (offline cooking games)

There are a lot of recipes (too many cooks) that you would make and expertise of them. Find
many things to bake in your kitchen. Get complete gratifying experience for most
famous cuisine of the world. Here you can make your desired dishes .
You can choose whatever you want such as fries , burger, omelet which is most
easiest to make, pizza: with your most wanted taste, lovely cake, spaghetti,
hotdogs, make a wonderful soup either vegetarian or fleshy.
Make your little kids a skillful or experienced chef master and make their
dreams come to reality. You have a golden chance to be a chef that would you make
a popular and tasteful chef.
* ......FEATURES......*
*Get a food menu
*Select your desired recipe
*Make burger, fries and cold drink and serve it well with decoration
*Make your own soup with some selected ingredients
*Bake and decorated your cake with sweet flavors
*Bake your pizza in oven
*Boil spaghetti and fried chicken ball
*Make hotdogs with salad
What's new....*_*
yahoo...a new version of kids kitchen is ready to play....a lot if new items added to enjoy as many
features has been updated...Bugs of the game has been removed.
.your kids are going to become a real chef master in our kitchen ...
Play for free and enjoy...
Lets discuss what's new in the kitchen...Now you have many options to play as:
*Chef's Outfit
In the Kitchen,your kids have many items to prepared as Chinese
(Rice,Salad,Soup,Chowmen,Dumplings,Manchurian,Moon cake,Noodles,Spring Rolls,Puddings)and
many special dishes such as Cake ,Fish ,French Fries, Pizza, Sandwich(Based on real recepies) ....But
these Special Dishes have to Unlock after Earning....Earn Alot of coins in Resturant to cook Our special
dishes and become a real Chef Master....
In this feature,you have to earn coins in our Fast Food resturants as you have to cook delicious

meal for customers as they demand..You can use different ingredients to cook variety of meals to earn
money for Special Dishes..Make Yummy, Tasty and Delicious food to attract your clients....
*Chef's Outfit....
Keep changing your Chef's outfit with multiple Elegant dresses and accessories... Dressup
your chef to become most attractive and charming Chef Master.....Huge Dresses are available to
dressup your chef...

........... Coming soon ...........

Make your Delicious dishes (original recipes)to become a real and amazing Chef Master..Yumm
Yummmy Tasty food in the kids kitchen is ready to eat....
Enjoy these freely Recipe at Home..
play for free and make your kid a real chef master..

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