Exciting x Intuitive x Strategic RPG! An adventure in Kingdom Under Fire!


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May 6, 2024
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Kingdom Civil War GAME

Exciting visuals x Intuitive controls x Strategic RPG! Embark on a new adventure in the classic series: Kingdom Under Fire.

[Classic Revisit of a War Masterpiece]
The classic massive strategy series "Kingdom Under Fire," which once shone brightly on Xbox and PC, makes its debut on the mobile gaming platform. Utilizing the Unreal Engine to recreate a refined Korean fantasy style, it constructs magnificent scenes, detailed characters, and unique battlefield terrains.

[Rich Strategic Combinations]
Intuitive chessboard-style hero auto-battler, freely combine elemental attributes and skills, create exclusive tactical strategies, and challenge giant bosses and diverse level gameplay.

[Immersive Storytelling]
Renowned heroes with glorious pasts, unknown individuals rising in the shadows, the rekindling of war for the homeland and justice; are the current conflicts driven by interests or mere games on the gods' chessboard? Explore the intertwined tales of love and hatred among the ensemble of heroes.

[Character Introductions]

* Glen - Gun and Flame
Inheriting the bravery and sword of his human father and the calm wisdom of his elven mother, Glen leads the human alliance army. Shrouded in a perpetual shadow, only in battle can he cast aside all distractions and unleash sparks of gunfire on the battlefield.

* Olivia - Moon Eclipse
Born into a high elf clan tasked with guarding the sacred bow-making Elderwood, Olivia envisions a different future for herself. A chance encounter with Glen during an attack on Elderwood changes her destiny. Choosing to follow Glen as his deputy, she leaves her homeland to witness many unprecedented events and cruel realities.

* Regnier - Lord of Hexters
Once a human hero, he lost himself and became a monster consumed by the power of chaos. Although he later broke free from the chains binding him to the god of chaos, he could no longer recall his true self. Despite his lost identity, Regnier used his astonishing strength and authority to unite the perpetual warring orc tribes in the Hexter wasteland. After the war, he seeks a hidden secret and silently disappears.

* Isabella - Shadow Frost
Growing up amidst the flames of war, she became the leader of Kaedes' dark elf resistance. Intelligent and resolute, she disregards everything for victory. Confident and arrogant, she views other races as servants, yet possesses a deadly allure—especially with her unique characteristic as a dark elf, heightened by her albinism.

* Estëya - Wild Summoner
Blessed by elements in the elven sacred land, Estëya demonstrates powerful potential from birth, using the forces of geo elements for battle and summoning wild companions to intimidate opponents. How will she grow and transform as she steps into the human world for the first time? Everything is full of unknown possibilities.
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