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이름스터디 가이드 APK, Active App APK
버전1.31.1.610033CC (1828)
업데이트 날짜2021년 07월 29일
개발자Pearson Education, Inc.
설치 수100,000+
카테고리, 교육

ActiveApp 앱

액세스 디지털 리소스는 피어슨 교재의 내용에 매핑

ActiveApp is designed for students to access digital content that is mapped to Pearson textbook making the learning process more unique, interactive, contextual and learner-centric. The digital resources include supplementary videos, audio and interactive components which are content-mapped to provide a rich visual and aural experience to the learner. There is an assessment feature, which helps students re-visit the concepts learnt and know how they score on it through chapter-wise MCQs.

* Digital content mapped to the textbook and offering advanced pedagogies
* Offers chapter-wise assessments for students
* Can be easily downloaded on the phone or tablet and ensures learning continues after school hours
* Works both in online and offline mode
* Helps parents get more involved in child's learning process

It's easy to use! You can download the App and Login with the code printed at the end of the coursebook. You will have access to whole lot of digital content and additional features relevant to your textbook.
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