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2019. 5. 4.
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Code Editor for DEX APP

Code editor for mobile and desktop mode

Code editor for mobile and desktop mode (DEX), integrated development environment (IDE).
The code development environment looks like a normal desktop on a PC.

Code Editor offers many possibilities to enhance your work.

Perfect for desktop mode on Android devices. No account or Internet connection required, just download, run and start coding! The code files will be managed locally on your device.

- Keep files opened and changes between sessions
- Bracket Matching & Auto Closure
- Intelli-Sense Autocomplete
- Full Emmet (HTML)
- Line Wrapping
- Active Line Highlighting
- Smart Selection Highlighting
- Quote Auto Closure
- Smart Indent
- Cut/Copy/Paste
- Undo & Redo
- Search and Replace

Do not use the program to work on real texts that do not have backups!
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