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FlightAware APP

Free download, completely free to use

Full-screen flight tracker maps (with NEXRAD weather)

Track all airline flights: 항공편 상태, Gate/terminal information and changes, Delays, Cancellations, Find flight connections & status

Track charter, private, and GA aircraft: 항공편 상태, IFR route, Aircraft photos

See nearby aircraft flying overhead: Use GPS position to find your location, Zoom and pan around the world, Click on a flight for more information

Mobile push notifications and flight alerts: Estimated departure time with flight route, Delays/changes in departure/arrival time, Departure and arrival notices, Airport Delays, Gate/terminal information and changes

View your custom "My FlightAware"

View airport activity (arrivals and departures)

Worldwide airport delays and airport status

Facebook sharing

Search by: 항공사명 및 항공편 번호, 항로 (city or airport pair), Aircraft registration (e.g., N-number)
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