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Maxoptra Driver App

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최신 버전

이름Maxunits APK
버전5.0.14.1000-ru (7101130)
업데이트 날짜2021년 09월 22일
설치 수10,000+
카테고리, 지도/내비게이션

업데이트 날짜 - 변경사항

The current version of Maxoptra Driver App contains the following bugfix:
-The issue of photo uploading in cases when order reference contains special symbols has been fixed.

Maxoptra Driver App 앱

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Maxoptra is designed to enable efficient decision making in real-time within ever-changing operational environments, particularly distribution and service management. Maxoptra's Driver App is a great addition for operators who want to run a paperless operation whilst still getting all the benefits of customer ETA notifications and ePOD functionality.
Take advantage of Maxoptra’s Driver App functionality, which includes:
- real-time navigation and tracking;
- live delivery reporting;
- barcode scanning;
- delivery photo capture
- electronic signature (ePOD)

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