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최신 버전

버전2.0.7 (49)
업데이트 날짜2016년 05월 25일
개발자Jean-François Geyelin
설치 수10,000+
카테고리게임, 아케이드

PewPew 2 게임

PewPew 2? 완벽한 게임 플레이, 달콤한 복고풍 그래픽, 높은 FPS와 사수!

The sequel to PewPew is there!
Expect retro graphics, megatons of enemies, and a frame rate achieved by no other game (except PewPew).

There are nine game modes, and a campaign with 3 levels of difficulties so even the weakes... *AHEM*
So even the strongest of you will have some challenge!


And now, a list of the features:
-a deep story with drama, romance, and mystery.
-crops to grow and birds to throw, to keep in touch with nature.
-private information sharing with several companies, because we *care* about you.
-targeted advertising, so that you aren't disturbed by pointless ads.

Wait, that was a list of what's not included. Here we go:
-9 games modes, 2 of which must be unlocked
-8 unlockable ships with offensive defense (bullets shot in every direction when hit)
-a campaign, with 3 level of difficulties and boss fights
-online scores obviously, but with replays
-a bunch of achievements
-frames per seconds. A lot
-awesome music
-controller and Android set-top boxes support.
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