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2020. 12. 2.
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Enjoy a new adventure with the RLCraft Minecraft mobile app

Our app will help you download the most popular mods and the juiciest new items for the game in one click. RLCraft mod for MCPE is the Hardest Mod Pack that every player should have. Real Life Craft is a collection of the best addons, mods, textures and skins for Minecraft fans!
This app requires Minecraft Pocket Edition

A special build for mobile devices that includes various addons:
🔹 Mod Realistic Minecraft
🔹 Mod Dragons in real life
🔹 More weapons for Minecraft PE, armor addons and items
🔹 Realistic Shader mod
🔹 Survival Minecraft maps

🔥 Top and new realistic mod for Minecraft 🔥

Download popular addons and the best mods for craft in one click.
⭐️ Elytra wings mod for Minecraft PE
⭐️ Backpacks and tool belts for real travelers
⭐️ Security Camera mod for MCPE
⭐️ Decocraft 2 mod - the best furniture addon
⭐️ Mod vampire for MCPE – SCP, Werewolf and Crimson
⭐️ Wyvern mod for Minecraft

🔥 Global addons for MCPE 🔥
🌟Superheroes mod for Minecraft - global addon
🌟 Mod Aanime heroes MCPE - super ninja addon
🌟 Kawaii World addons - build your city with UwU pack Minecraft
🌟 SCP addon for MCPE - horror maps and skins for the game
🌟 Industrial Craft 2 Mod- new mechanisms, robots, equipment for MCPE

🔥 Various maps for Minecraft 🔥
Spaceships, jungle, parkour and other maps for survival and fun in the RLcraft mods app:
🗺 Map and mod for a quarry mod for Minecraft
🗺 New Among US maps
🗺 Parkour maps for Minecraft PE
🗺 Improved Konoha Map
🗺 Wild West Maps - robbers and cowboys in Minecraft
🗺 Space Map Apollo 18

🔥 Popular skins for Minecraft PE 🔥
In the app you will find a huge number of new skins:
✔️ Bloggers and cartoon skins
✔️ Skins for girls😊😃 and boys
✔️Vampire and werewolf skins and other Horror skins

🛠 RLCraft mods are a completely different view of the game. This is a new stage in the development of modifications. RL craft MCPE was created for those who are tired of the usual game and want to diversify it. 🛠

RL craft mod app for Minecraft. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, Trademark and Assets are the property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved in accordance with
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