Samsung Camera is the camera application for mobile phones made by the Korean company and that has been designed to perform perfectly on these devices


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2024. 3. 31.
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Samsung Camera APP

The camera app of Samsung phone

Almost everyone agrees that the best Android smartphones are made by Samsung. They also come along with their own custom layer for their operating system where the Korean multinational company integrates different applications which, amongst others, also allows them to capture users for their services.

A camera app that makes the most of Samsung's features

Amongst these preinstalled applications, also known as bloatware, they've got their own camera app. Samsung Camera integrates the functions and features that the company has developed in the optics field applied to mobile devices. Therefore, we're talking about an application that, equipped with a simple and functional design, is capable of making our device perform at its best.

It has been designed so that users can easily access controls such as light levels, real-time filters, or timers. In turn, these functions are accessible from the slider at the bottom of the screen, helping us to interact with the app and making it easier for us to take photos.

What's new in the latest version
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