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2018. 5. 21.
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With our free mobile secure VPN application VPNTunnel, you will be able to change IP address and unblock any content on the Internet, which is unavailable for you because of your location. Just imagine! You can free yourself from all censorship restrictions and unblock your favorite sites an unlimited number of times. Our application is absolutely free IP address changer.

In addition to this, connecting to our VPN app, you become 100% anonymous on the web and gain a real security and online privacy, which neither Tor nor Proxy can give you. Having a VPN connection means that nobody will be able to identify your geographical location (IP address). It works like a vpn location changer, so you’ll be able to use your regular browser like a private browser and no one can see which sites you visited. Private VPN is a 100% secure way to hide IP address and replace your local area network with a high speed confidential hotspot. Unlike Proxy, VPN Tunnel provides security not only for your browser but also for every application. Besides, you don’t need to worry about files that you want to download.

Moreover, our VPN tunnel for Android encrypts all your traffic with 2048-bit encryption, so hackers will not be able to read your personal data even in the case of interception. With our fast VPN you can be sure that your “Digital personality” is completely hidden for your Internet Provider, government and other Internet Users. In the case of connection to any hotspot, vpn download and your sending data will be always kept private and read only by your end destination addresses.

Our mobile application with intuitive interface is very easy in use. Download the app, choose any location from the Server List and click the button “Connect”. Then, you will get our turbo VPN, your IP will be changed, and all traffic will be secured. You will also see all information about your connection: status, changed IP, location and used Mbs.

Among other Android Security Apps only we propose you the option “Live chat”! If you have any problem, VPNTunnel Support Team is ready to help you online in live chat. Go to “Live Chat” and start the communication! We are sure such option will save your time and nerves!

Secure VPN is available in multiple regions including the USA, the UK, Canada, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, Sweden, China, Turkey, France, Spain, Italy.

VPN Tunnel gives you 500 Mb of absolutely free VPN traffic each month! Also you can order Premium package alternatively to free one and become our Premium User getting unlimited vpn access to all advantages of VPNTunnel:

– Unlimited bandwidth
– Change country IP
– Access to Premium Servers
– Ultrafast speed
– Support 24/7 in in-app “Live Chat”
– No Logs!
– 2048-bit Encryption
– Rewards system
– Torrents and P2P networks supported
– Up to 5 simultaneous connections

In the opposite of proxy and tor, that only protect your browser, VPNTunnel is 100% secure for all kind of apps, services and web-sites that you’d like to access. This VPN master for Android changes your regular IP address for all applications. No matter the geographic location you can enjoy your personal private hotspot with turbo speed and fast network. Your user experience will change completely when you switch from your local network browser to our secure VPN proxy browser for Android.

Pay attention to our best low price starting only from $2,49/month (depending on chosen package). Lots of options of monthly packages will satisfy every User seeking for anonymity and unlimited access to favorite content on the web.

After you get VPNTunnel Premium Package you can share your ultrafast VPN with friends, colleagues and relatives! You will receive promo codes which you can share with other Internet users and gift access to Premium Package absolutely for free!

We keep working on improvement of our services quality. We definitely know what Internet users need, and know how to provide it.

VPNTunnel team
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