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May 16, 2024
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Land of Legends: Island games GAME

Farm Simulator! Family Farm Simulator on Lost Adventure Island! Family farming game Land of Legends is a huge Klondike adventure! An Atlantic odyssey through the worlds and islands of ancient Greece! Your city builder family farming mania simulator on a huge adventure island!Land of legend - farm adventure family games! Lands of legends - adventure farm games! Lands of legends - city building games, real farm mania adventure in your family farm! You will meet Jack and Sophia, modern heroes of our time, who, like Hercules, will perform feats according to various stories and myths of ancient Greece!

Jack and Sophia are a young family of farmers who have become explorers of their family island, where they have discovered an ancient portal to the ancient world of Greek adventure! Find out with our family heroes the secrets of amazing flying islands!

Land of Legends is a mobile game about building farms, caring for animals and plants, traveling across adventure islands and interesting quests! The island where Jack and Sophia find themselves is like a small family farm full of adventure and amazing events. Traveling around the islands with Jack and Sophia, you will find various houses and backyards of the ancient gods, get acquainted with their culture and way of life. You will meet Tia, a charming nymph who will introduce you to the History of each island and guide you along the path of unforgettable quests of the ancient, Greek world! A lot is available in our mobile game lands of legends: building a farm, building a city, adventures on paradise islands, various quests on a real family island!

A unique island labyrinth of the Minotaur, which hides many mysteries and treasures! Many other islands with their mysteries and secrets are waiting for you! Become ancient archaeologists, explorers of ancient Bermuda, full of various tasks and mythological gods! Flying island family adventure farming simulator! Farm building simulator in your mobile device.

In our family game you will have access to:
- Build and develop a small, golden farm.
- Funny cows, chickens, sheep, goats and a variety of farm animals!🐥
- Various puzzles, riddles and tasks. 🧐
- A huge labyrinth of the minotaur with its history and the secret of existence.
- Mini games, competitions and achievements! 🏁
- Exploration, unusual, beautiful and fascinating, flying islands!
- History, quests and events of the ancient world of Greece!

Land of Legends mobile game application about farm simulation will immerse you in an amazing, game world of adventure and travel, like natives in a vast, unexplored world. Play our fun, beautiful farm adventure game and build a small family farm town! Farm building simulator game for real farmers and adventurers! Your own small, fun, green farm in the tropical islands of ancient Greece! Village life simulator game and build farms on Olympus tropical islands for any age and gender! land of legend - land of building games!

Mobile game adventure on the green island of magical myths! Island games adventure! Farm adventure games in lost island. Building games about a family farm in adventure islands. Our adventure family farm building game lands of legends will give you unforgettable adventures and journeys through fabulous islands in a lost world! If you like games, farm building games, island adventure games, games for the whole family, then our game land of legend is what you were looking for! Farm game in the world of city building games! Huge family island in the world of farm simulator games.
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