They learn to identify Numbers, Letters, Animals, Figure, alphabet, Educational.


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Jun 7, 2021

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Letters numbers and vocals GAME

This Novel game, help them identify their tots to the basics, such as vowels, Numbers, Letters, Geometric Figures, Pets & Wild.

The games contain very beautiful scenery, iterative sounds for each object, background music and awards medals per level.

All consist of a finger pressing the required indication, while the objects are kept in motion.

Each game contains several levels identified for medals and as it progresses and as many new items are added to finally get a trophy.

Children will be entertained and acquire memory skills. While parents help them mark the request.

Games contain the first steps Children need for their education. Children older than three 3 years.

Members, Letters Alphabet, Numbers, Figures geometries, and Animals.

The game can even help adults starting with a new language, Spanish or English

Example of use

The game animals
By identifying the Animal that will be presented in a dialogue, its image will movements and sounds of the animal, helping the child to familiarize image and sound of the Animal

The set of letters and vowels contains several types of letters (uppercase, lowercase and italics) you can select a button

Have a nice experience with this iterative game

Remember that your opinion is important to us, so we can shape the game to your liking
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