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If you are looking for a tattoo that represents strength and claw, here's a good idea: Lion Tattoo.

The lion, nicknamed the "king of animals," has the pseudonym of being at the top of the food chain of many forests. Also, they are very sociable animals that live in flocks with up to 100 males and females. The lion tattoo represents the strength and respect that this animal possesses. It has traits of power and even aggressiveness, depending on how it did. If you are looking for an animal tattoo and are still in doubt, you can also see the tiger tattoos.
Long and muscular, healthy teeth, sharp claws, a strong roar, short hair, wrapped by a mane restricted only to males, is considered the "King of the Animals" - despite being the second most significant feline on the planet. Fierce by nature and with determined senses, they are excellent hunters, thus awakening, predicates like majesty, strength, courage, bravery, grandeur, and power.

Although the above attributes are universal, the lion acquires different meanings in the spheres of mythology, culture, and religion. The Egyptians, for example, represented him as the wild flame of the Sun - instructed to defend right and extinguish evil. In the Middle Ages, the lion reappears as guardian of the dead and symbol of the resurrection. In practical Xamanism, this figure is related to the restoration of self-esteem, since, this feline radiates authority, self-confidence, and ego. Already in Asian culture, it is prevalent to celebrate the new year with the lion danceable to exorcise the fears and bring more luck and success in the new cycle.

About lion tattoos

Lion tattoos are among one of the favorites. Some people choose this design to symbolize leadership and authority; others as proof of faith and encouragement of strength even in difficult periods. Regardless of the drawing, there are incredible ways to portray the power of the lion.

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