Classic IP LUNA from Korea Lovely Chibi image of Moonlight


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Mar 17, 2024

LUNA:Vương Quốc Ánh Trăng GAME

Enter the “Green Land”, start an exciting adventure!
《LUNA:Moonlight Kingdom》is officially authorized by PANGSKY and published by Happ Time, recreating the lovely fantasy world of the classic LUNA IP. Play as a human or an elf, collect costumes and mounts from nothing to have, train pets, join other players to fight against dark situations or compete for TOP1 in the inter-server rankings.

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Two large races, developing many professions
You can choose to be a warrior, mage or assassin among the human or elf races.
Each race has different natural buffs, which can develop into different career branches after changing professions.
For example, a warrior can change profession to become a warrior with high merit or a knight with high skill.

Rich appearance and versatile pet
The game recreates the classic fashions and cute pets in the LUNA PC game.
The appearance of all parts of the player's body can be collected, including clothes, weapons, hair, back accessories, tails, etc.
You can freely dress according to your mood and preferences, creating a unique image for yourself!
In addition to personalized mounts, cute pets can also follow you into battle, increase attribute bonuses, and explore the world with you.

Side BOSS drops many items
Overcome additional levels such as Bravery Trial, Magic Tower and Weapon Trial,
You can get a lot of EXP for free, drop countless level-up items, and even have great skill books!
You can operate manually, launch skills and transform,
You can also hang up and easily receive a large amount of Gold and many other rewards.

Inter-server rankings compare with the experts
In addition to regular adventures, you can also go to the arena to compete with other players.
In cross-server groups, compete with other masters for BOSS and resources,
Or compete at the top of the inter-server rankings, show your skills and become NO.1!

Make new friends, create the strongest Guild
Create a Guild with new friends!
Strengthen friendship by supporting and having fun with each other,
Or gather friends to win glory for the Guild!
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