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Sep 4, 2018
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Magic Match GAME

Exploring an uncharted rainforest, you stumble upon an old and ruined temple. Inside you find something you never expected. A ancient well, overflowing with magical power. This was no ordinary well, but perhaps one of the first magic wells ever created, abandoned by time. As you stare deep into the magical abyss you notice something wrong! A dark energy, swirling deep in core of the well, growing in strength. You must defend this ancient well of power, and prevent it’s corruption!

Dive into the magical liquid, and join the fight in this puzzle game!

-Destroy corrupt runes, and level up power runes, defeating the enemy! Getting your light runes all the way to level 10 will make them overpower and explode, destroying all the corrupt runes on the field!

-Fully customizable profile page where you can change your wallpaper, and decorate your page with your achievements.

-Show off your stats by adding your friends. Everyone will be able to check out your awesome profile!

-Adding 3 new players to your friend list unlocks a Rare loot box.

-All game content can be purchased with in game currency. However, you can still spend real money if you want to get the cool cosmetics quicker!

-Customization doesn’t end there. You can unlock Themes and Runes that change how the game looks! Even new soundtracks as well, making sure your adventure is unique to you!
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