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Sep 4, 2023
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Mahjong GAME

We present you new free mahjong! Also known as Mahjong Solitaire or Shanghai Solitaire, it is the world's most popular puzzle and board game.

This mah jong app has everything you are looking for in the mobile game on your phone. It trains your brain and memory, it's entertaining and very relaxing, it doesn't use up a lot of battery on your phone, it's easy to learn, it has bright colors, easy-to-read figures and user friendly interface.

There are 3 difficulty levels of the game: mahjong easy, medium and mahjong hard for beginners and real mahjong experts.

How to play Mah jongg?
Playing the game can be very entertaining. It also allows you to develop good mental agility. The basic rules of mahjongg:

Match open pairs of identical tiles and remove all tiles to complete a board! Your goal is to combine and remove all the tile pieces from the tower. Have fun with 3 game modes:

1 - Classic - the original game, mahjongg classic. There is no time limit. Play as long as you want!
2 – Time Attack – timed mahjong solitaire. The time to complete the level is limited. In this mode, using the hint costs you five seconds and shuffling the tiles costs you a 15 second penalty
3 - Challenge - You have a limited time to choose each pair of tiles; This version of mahjong games is for advanced players who like a challenge. The faster you choose, the more points you will get for that move!
Complete challenges to unlock more towers!

The game will allow you to have fun for hours, without ever getting bored. Because it has more than 1,000 different boards, with a number of styles and difficulties. In this way, it will not become heavy at any time.
You can choose from 12 backgrounds, among which you will surely find one that you like.

Game features:
- More than 1000 free boards
- Beautiful graphics and various layouts
- Free unlimited undo
- Automatic adjustment
- Customizable backgrounds
- Sound that can be turned on/off
- Designed for tablets and phones
- Don't have WIFI? No problem! You can play offline at any time.
- And much more!

Play the free Mahjong board puzzle game now and see why so many others love this game!

Mahjong is one of the Asian board games that is very entertaining and also helps to improve the mental and visual agility of its participants. To play requires a certain amount of skill, intelligence and luck. It is a game that was born in the 19th century in China as a form of distraction and entertainment for the entire society; however, thanks to its ingenious mechanics and rules, the game today is a worldwide phenomenon that is used both to enjoy with friends and family, and to close great deals among businessmen. There are various versions about the origin, who was the creator of this game, but the one that gains more strength is that of Confucius, that philosopher who is said to have laid the foundations in the year 500 BC. Being of Chinese origin, the symbology and the names of the combinations obey the Asian country.
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