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Sep 6, 2023

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Maths Multiplication Tables APP

Introduce your kids to the fascinating world of math tables with our user-friendly learning app! With audio support and an engaging interface, this app is perfect for kids to master multiplication tables effortlessly. No parental support is required, making it an independent learning experience for young minds.

Key Features:
- Audio-Assisted Learning: The app speaks all multiples one by one, highlighting the corresponding row for easy comprehension.
- Tables with 10 and 20 Multiples: Explore tables with support for both 10 and 20 multiples.
- Extensive Table Range: Tables from 1 to 100 have been included, providing a comprehensive learning experience.
- Pronunciation Options: Choose from multiple pronunciation options for an interactive learning session.
- Automatic Tables Shuffle: Upon completion of a table, the app automatically presents a new table for continuous learning.

Table Pronunciation Options:
- "2 3 za 6"
- "2 times 3 equals 6"
- "2 times 3 is 6"
- "Mute" (No Pronunciation)

Unlock your child's potential in mathematics and make learning tables a delightful experience. Download our Math Timetable Learning App for Kids now and watch as their math skills flourish!

Feedback Welcome:
We value your feedback! Your suggestions and comments are warmly welcomed to enhance the app further for a more enriching learning journey.

Ads-Free Pro Version:
Explore our Ads-Free Pro Version for an uninterrupted learning experience. Download it here:
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