Mentors Legend: Epic magic RPG saga APK

Fantasy roleplay 3d rpg online game. Become a hero and help solve the quest.

Version0.10.4 (119)
UpdatedNov 19, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperIce Storm
CategoryGames, Role Playing

MENTORS LEGEND is a gaming experience designed especially for gamers looking for an old-school RPG adventure game to enjoy on their mobile device. Play for the three 🛡 ⚔ 🏹 unique characters in this turn-based action strategy. Use the power of a warrior, the accuracy of an archer and the magic of a sorceress. Defend the wizard to defeat the enemies together. Discover the interesting fantasy world and fight enemies in tactical wars.

⭐️ Help citizens to survive in this free role play story game. Develop your characters with the plot and collect interesting bonuses in the turn-based fantasy!

⭐️ When you start play this war game, you will face logic puzzles - use your mind to solve problems. Developed artificial intelligence of opponents might challenge you. But you are not afraid, right? The story is so entertaining and what’s even better it is in English. And you can get this tactical turn-based fantasy absolutely for free.

⭐️ Make decisions using the top view in the game and as a bonus see your characters in third person view. Colorful battles are better to manage with a dynamic camera in the fight against one monster, but when there are several of them you will need a top view. Because Mentors is a still tactical role-playing strategy, the third person view in the RPG 3D game is more than just a pleasant bonus. You will be satisfied with this free role play story game for 100%!

⭐️ What makes this strategy war game better than other turn-based battle games? The math is simple: well designed 3D graphics, interesting story translated in English and great gaming experience. This is the spirit of real computer RPGs with the open world, carefully reworked for mobile realities.

⭐️ The developers are appreciating if you share this free role play game with your friends. Who is the best in tactical war games? Which tactics are better? Let’s find out in Mentors!

🔥 Mentors is a game for connoisseurs of the RPG genre, especially if you are looking for a mobile turn-based strategy games. 🔥

Game features:
✔️ beautiful scenes, characters, and environments;
✔️ amazing 3D graphics;
✔️ an original narrative and characters;
✔️ complex and thoughtful AI enemies; 🧠
✔️ an expansive array of items, sets, and treasures 💎 to discover;
✔️ hours of engaging gameplay accessible in convenient mobile sessions;
✔️ cheerful and relaxing music; 🎧
✔️ the game is suitable for the whole family: our game is fun to play both for children and adults;
✔️ the game is in the category of the strategy games and of free games. 🆓

Download and join the adventure today! The world of Mentors is waiting for you!

☞ Note! You need a good online connection. You can’t play this RPG game offline. ☜

If you’d like to learn more about Mentors, connect with other RPG gamers, or speak with the developers then please join our facebook group here:


Join our party and the quest for a mobile RPG we’ve all dreamt of!

What's New

— Fixed loading of game resources;
— Improved game servers.

Email: isorbgame@gmail.com

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