Big Adventure with Petty Pixel Art styled Characters!


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Sep 30, 2023
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MildTini GAME

◾ MildTini, the Collectible Tactical RPG with Adorable Pixel Arts.
Collect them!
Grow them!
Teaming them!
Explore the World of MildTini with them!

◽ over 235 Pretty Pixel Art Styled Characters!
feeling Tired of Paid to Collect?

no Worries then!

in MildTini, you can Collect Any CHARACTERS without Paying, including from 「One who skills and looks changes depending on Gears they wear」, to 「One who throws the bundle of Bones to their enemies」, and MORE!

the various Cute Characters from 7 Regions in MildTini World is awaits You!

◽ Depth-Deep Character Building!

「over 395 Gears」 that provides various Abilities, 「Soul Stones」 that empowering a Character's Skills, 「Flame Core Tokens」 that Strengthening All Characters Attributes... in addition, there are Indescribably many ways to Build your Characters in MildTini!

◽ over 85 Costumes, over 120 Furnitures, over 54 Pets!

you can customize your Characters and House with various Items from one that changes looks simply, to one that empowering your Characters too!

what about Pets that provide their Unique Abilities?

they're Even more Smaller, Prettier than it's Owner that already Cute themselves!

Go to the Lobby and Show your Characters and House to others how you're looks Gorgeous than them!

◽ various Contents to Play!

we prepared the various contents that including 「CO-OP Contents」 that control your own character directly and fight to the Mighty Foe with other players in Real-Time Online Dungeon, and 「Ranking Contents」 to build your own team then competes to see whose team is the most dealt the Damage to 'Immortal God-Beast'.

◽ feel FREE to PLAY!
MildTini's Dev teams ALWAYS seeks the Ways to make Gamers feel Freely.

Whether they paid or not!

Enjoy the MildTini with Various Ways to Play!

◽ App Information
- MildTini doesn't need to additional Download to Play.
- All Game Datas recorded in Server, so must Connected to Internet.
- Game Settings are saved in Applications, so deleting Apps would be Game Settings too.
- Please note that the game may be slower due to your device's power saving mode.

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