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- HideX: Calculator Photo Vault, App Lock, App Hider

Calculator vault, app hider to lock apps & keep safe, photo vault to hide videos


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9 nov. 2021
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Calculator Lock APP

Trusted by 100 million users globally, 🔒HideX is the most popular calculator privacy lock and app hider. It is disguised as a calculator, but with a password you can enter a private space behind and hide everything. It allows you to hide videos, photos, apps and all other private items. Supporting icon changing and cloud storage, it helps keep safe and leaves no chance for others to find out your secret vault.

Why you choose HideX?
📷Photo Vault - hide videos & photos in easily
Photos and videos on your device will be detected and recognized automatically. You can easily set up your own private calculator vault and hide videos, pictures, photo albums and all types of files.
🔒App Hider & App Locker - hide apps and lock apps including games, social apps, shopping apps etc.
You can clone or hide apps of all categories with HideX app hider. After importing and launching the apps in the calculator vault, you can use them both inside and outside the app hider simultaneously. If you want to hide apps completely you can delete the outside ones. PIN code and pattern lock protection is also available to lock apps and keep safe.
☁️Cloud Storage - provide cloud service & auto syncing
Cloud backup and cloud storage are provided for all hidden items. The storage space of your device can be expanded to unlimited with cloud storage. Also no worries about losing files as automatic cloud backup is available to protect your files.
🔃Private Browser & VPN Service - browse privately & download videos
Private browser and VPN service ensure secure browsing. You can browse in private without any browsing history being discovered by others. Moreover, HideX browser enables you to download videos from different websites. Feel free to enjoy your personal time!
🎭Perfect Disguise - a secret calculator app of which the icon can be changed frequently
Disguised as a math calculator with all calculating functions, this photo vault and app hider effectively helps you hide apps and files. The app icon of the calculator vault can be changed as you want to further protect your secrets.
💼Effective Media Management - manage & edit files freely
Large space is provided for storage and cloud storage can help if you want more. You can locate, move, rename and delete files in the secret vault. Manage and sort your files and apps freely in this secret calculator photo vault and app hider.
💿Multiple Vault & Fake Vault - set up more than one secret vaults
Create multiple secret vaults with different passwords to store different files and hide different apps. You can set fake calculator vaults and parallel space to protect your privacy better.
⚠️Break-in Alert - let you know who's trying to enter your secret vault and app hider
Turn on the alert and it will automatically take a photo of the intruder who fails to unlock the calculator vault and app hider.

How to use HideX - the best privacy lock calculator and app hider?
A: Set a password on the calculator panel and press “=” to confirm your password. Add in files and apps and create your own photo vault and privacy lock. Then you can start your journey to hide videos, photos and apps!
Note: Remember to allow HideX privacy lock to access photos, media and files.
What if I forget my password
A: Enter “11223344=” to verify your security question and reset the password. For additional help please submit your email & our support team will contact you in 12 hours.
What if I lose my files
A: Go to "setting" and enter "recover lost files" to search your lost files. For additional help please contact us via email.

Feel free to use this amazing calculator vault and app hider to hide videos, photos and lock apps now!

We made it our mission to ensure privacy security, and devote ourselves to providing the best privacy lock app for users globally!

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