DPI Checker & Changer-app is een puur vuur voor een scherm van je telefoon


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22 nov. 2021

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DPI Changer & Checker No Root APP

DPI Checker and Changer is a Free #1 app in the world of display customisation. This app is a pure fire and you can download it for free any time to customize phone and resolution changer for games. This application can change your DPI without root, as well as with a root. This simple DPI Changer and Checker app for FF will help you to change DPI on the fly.

Free Fire & PUBG need to change resolution?
Your phone is broken and needs repair, but you want to use it?
Are you having resolution or screen issues on your old device?

Than this resolution changer for games - exactly for you!

Features of this DPI Changer app
Configure and check screen density
Configure and check screen resolution
Configure and check screen padding
Helps with gaming and optimizing any FPS game performance by get the lower resolutions and play with it. Want to be a pro at mobile gaming?

Want to be a PRO in PUBG or FF - this application will make your screen optimal for any game for free.
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