Join the most entertaining strategy war game of the galaxy!


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5 jun. 2016

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Galaxy Life™:Pocket Adventures GAME

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures is a new genre of massively multiplayer online strategy game for Smartphone. Join the most entertaining strategy war game of the galaxy!

Install the game for free to take control of crazy Starling aliens, build rich planetary colonies, defend against invasions and lead your troops through interstellar epic battles!

In Galaxy Life, evil enemies and rival players are everywhere, so bring friends to help you and show everyone who the boss of the universe is!

***** “There are a lot of strategy games but none as good nor complete as this one

***** “This game is adorable and fun. One of the best RTS styled games I've played!

***** “One of THE best games ever

•Play in an online persistent world with thousands of players
•Attack other players in real time battles with more than 14 different types of units
•Build and manage your own star colonies
•Defend your colonies with 8 different types of defenses
•Explore the persistent galaxy for rivals and virgin planets to colonize
•Communicate with other players with an in game message system
•Find friends and cooperate with them by sharing defenses
•Customize your avatar
•Craft incredible items for battles and defenses
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