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10 jun. 2016
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KK Installer Install Hack Game APP

✔Thousands of mod games for free download and install. Please install our hack game store to download the games you want.
✔One-click install games ( APK with OBB Cache Data). No need to deal with the OBB files anymore.
✔Professional manager of game installation pack. Install, uninstall, and deep clean just need one click.
✔Develop by professional hacker team. Plenty of famous Gameloft mods are ready to download.

🌺🌺🌺Note: KK Installer is the professional hacked game installer of KKGamer. It’s not the hack tool and you can’t search or download cheat games here. It cannot run on its own, it must work with its mother app. Please surf for more detail. 🌺🌺🌺

Highlights of KK Installer:
★One Click Installation: As the professional installer of KKGamer store, KK Installer provides the one-click installation for all mods.
★Easy Manage Your Game Package: Also with one click, you can very easily put the data package into your mobile phone’s external storage (SD card).
★Professional Cache Cleaner: Delete junk files that free valuable storage space.
★Deep Uninstall: Installer also provides the game uninstall solution to deep clean all useless documents.
★Build Easy and Smooth Environment: We’re not only care hacking the best games, but also building the best environment of mod games for your mobile phone.

Main Features:
►How to install cheat games: To ensure hacked games run perfectly in different environment, we create a new file format contains all APK package and obb cache asset file. You just need ONE CLICK to install all mods, which can make it easy for Android users directly install all files to the root directory.
►How to clean space: To make sure you have enough storage for the game pack, this installer will auto scan your internal and external storage. With one click, you can deep clean the useless installation pack. Setting your mobile phone is free.
►How to uninstall games: Installer will list all apps and games of your mobile phone. Not only to uninstall, but also clean the package at the same time. Keeping the environment of mobile phone is clean and free.
►How to leave a feedback: Any question or feedback, like where to download the free mod or how to hack, the installer and store app will provide a very easy instant contact way to help you.
►How to request a game cheat: We’ll very happy to hear from you. You can send the hack request with infinite gem, in-app-purchase cheat, God mode, and full unlock all episodes in our cheat store or contact us by Facebook and email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
What is GPK file?
GPK is a brand new file format standard for Android APK package file. Contains all APK pack and obb cache asset file to keep games working under all environment, it always ends in ".gpk". To ensure games, applications run perfectly, KK Installer one click installation makes it easy for Android users directly install .apk, .gpk hack file to the root directory.

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