De hoogste kwaliteit opname om het geluid van de microfoon te ontdekken.


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28 aug. 2021

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Mic Test-app

With MicTest you can do a quick recording test to evaluate the quality of your smartphone's microphone, or your headset. You will know how others hear you.
Use Mic Test to compare the quality of your different devices or a new one before buying it.
It is very easy to use, it has screen indication of the audio level, progress bar of the recording time and you can configure the duration according to your preferences.
MicTest allows you to keep your collection of test recordings in order to quickly compare the quality of your different microphones.
You can also use this application as a high quality recorder. You can choose the direct sound from the microphone or the processed for voice calls. Keep in mind that in some devices both modes could be identical.
With Mic Test you can test the microphones built in your smartphone and also those of your headset connected by cable or bluetooth.
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