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NVIDIA TegraZone 2


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Laatste Versie

NaamTegraZone APK
Versie2.9.5 (56)
Bijgewerkt25 nov. 2015
CategorieApps, Winkelen

Bijgewerkt - Wat is er nieuw

Big update to new and improved Content System that will keep data in TegraZone up to date with SHIELD Hub world-wide.
Enlarged Disk Cache size, optimized for newer devices and better performance.
Replaced app icons with Game key-art for better user experience.
Better controller support, though it is still primarily a touch-screen app. If you are using a SHILED Android TV device, SHIELD Hub should be your primary game catalog.
Bug fixes to address issues reported by some users.

NVIDIA TegraZone 2-app

Het vinden van de beste Android-spellen nu nog eenvoudiger.

NVIDIA® TegraZone®: Find the best Android games.

The new TegraZone app makes it easier than ever before to find games that are optimized for NVIDIA Tegra® processors.

Explore and discover the great games that NVIDIA and our partners think are best enjoyed on Tegra-powered devices, like NVIDIA SHIELD™ TV. Version 2.9 now also supports non-Tegra devices, giving you even more choices.

Discover unique, premium games for Android that deliver more visually stunning graphics and smoother gameplay, so you can get the most out of your Tegra-powered device.

Customize: You decide if you'd like to find out the moment something new is added to TegraZone or not by turning notification pop-ups on or off from the settings menu.

Discover: Get all of the top games for Android at your fingertips. TegraZone makes it fast and easy.

Learn: Access professional game reviews, high-res screenshots, HD videos, and behind-the-scenes footage for the top Android games.

Share: Connect TegraZone to your social networks and let your friends know about your favorite new apps.

TegraZone isn’t intended to replace the purchase, download, or functionality of Google Play. It’s built to compliment it by providing a selection of premium games that developers believe will offer an exceptional experience for users of Tegra-powered devices.

Please note that some games featured on TegraZone run exclusively on devices with an NVIDIA Tegra processor. Google Play will notify you of any incompatibilities.

By installing the TegraZone application, you are confirming that you have read and agree to be bound by the License For Customer Use of NVIDIA Software (http://www.nvidia.com/content/DriverDownload-March2009/licence.php?lang=us).

Notification pop-ups are enabled by default and may be disabled in the settings menu.

Update (May 2018): NVIDIA no longer uses or stores data from the use of the TegraZone application.
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