Boost your Bluetooth speakers. Enhance the sound. Amplify the bass.


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26 sep. 2016
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Tempow is the first app that improves your Bluetooth speaker’s sound quality. It is really easy. Open the app while listening to music and press the “enhance sound” or “accentuate bass” button to enjoy the ultimate music experience.

The “enhance sound” feature will improve any Bluetooth speaker’s sound according to its individual characteristics. Simply press the button and see just how great your Bluetooth speakers really are. With “accentuate bass”, boost your tones and let your Bluetooth speakers bass you away!

As acoustics engineers, we offer you the best Bluetooth speaker sound experience you will ever have. This is only the beginning. We will soon offer you a true Sonos-killer app, the first to allow you to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers.

Great sound and multi-brand Bluetooth speakers…all this and more in just one app.

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Adapted for:
- JBL Flip
- JBL Charge
- JBL Go
- UE Boom
- UE Roll
- Bose Soundlink Mini
- Bose Soundlink Color
- Jambox
- Philips
- Marshall
- Sony
- etc.
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