Travel to ancient China to fight the undead


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5 mrt. 2014
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Undead Slayer GAME

Undead Slayer is a 3D action game where you control a wandering warrior who challenges endless hordes of enemies while traversing medieval China.

You'll advance across the China map through 90 different levels, and your objective will always be the same: to survive by killing the enemies that appear in staggered waves.

Between levels in Undead Slayer, you can customize your main character with different kit and powers to inflict devastating damage on your enemies. You can also retool your weapons and kit out your comrades to help you in battle.

The combat system in Undead Slayer is specially designed for touchscreens: usually you just have to tap your enemies to attack them, and you can slide your finger on the screen to perform special attacks.

Undead Slayer is a spectacularly fun action game combining a gameplay that's perfectly adapted to touch screens with excellent graphics.
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