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29 sep. 2022
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VR Games Store - Games & Demos APP

Welcome to the world of virtual reality the one and only original Suite of VR Games & Demo Collection. The VR Games Store.
An all in one in this VR Games Store, Virtual Reality application that lets you choose and install your favorite game from a variety of cool amazing and different VR genres including:

VR Games Store Features:
Adventure: Lace your boots and get ready to go on an epic VR Adventure Games in this VR Games Store. Visit the VR fantasy world.
Thriller: A set of exciting VR Thrilling Games. Switch your fists to battle mode and clash with your enemies.
Simulators: VR simulator games are great for people who enjoy road games, endless running games and driving games.
Fantasy & Sci-Fi: Go into a fantasy world and learn how to live with dragons, dinosaurs and various other VR fantasy game creatures and also some Sci-Fi discoveries.
Virtual Tours: Get into the age of the Jurassic Creatures or take go skiing through rough terrains in the VR Virtual Tours!
Shooting Games: Go to war and a perfect shot will be required to kill your enemies! VR shooting games is as close to reality as you can get.
Racing Games: Nothing more like the battle of wheels in VR Racing Games. Test your skills against your Rivals, and climb to the top of the hill as you battle for position.
Horror Games: VR horror games are amazing and full of the horror. You are stuck into the haunted places the dense haunted forest and haunted towns, the zombies everywhere, go and hit all that wild and crazy zombies like a commando.

The ultimate VR experience awaits you in VR Games Store! All games have the FUN factor that you always wanted out of VR games. All you need are VR glasses like Google Cardboard, 4DUD or VR box and you are all set to play these games.
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